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We are officially Basic Needs Thrift Shop!

We will continue to offer great finds with low prices while providing excellent customer service. Our goal is to help expand community presence as our organization continues to grow. We love our customers and community. Thank you for all of your continued support throughout this process!


As a small operating staff, we greatly rely on volunteer help. In order to expand our impact and help individuals get the items they need and deserve we need your help. Basic Needs Thrift Shop offers several volunteer options. You can find more information about volunteer positions and descriptions on our website www.basicneedsthriftshop.org.
Or email us at: volunteermgr@basicneedsmn.org
for any questions, or just to chat about finding a volunteer opportunity that is right for you!

Upcoming Events

Our 2nd Annual Easter Basket Auction will begin March 8th and end March 27th.
The proceeds from the auction will help fund our Easter community event. Event information will be coming out soon via Facebook and on our website.

March 2021
Dresses on rack image
Clothing for Purchase image

With Your Help last year WE

$16,000+ ITEMS

of free goods were provided to individuals through our voucher program.

3,887 HOURS

of volunteer contribution

62,700 LBS

of materials were recycled with Simple Recycling. We prioritize sustainability!

6 Events

for our community

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