We have had the pleasure to help many throughout our community. While people help us by donating their gently used goods, we have been able to help make charitable donations.

We take pleasure in helping the community in more ways than one. We offer voucher assistance and recycle our goods. On top of this, we also love to partake in charitable donations for a number of causes.

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We have donated a number of various items to help different charities in the surrounding areas. Bakery items are offered in the store during regular business hours With the help of our volunteers, we receive weekly donations from Hyvee, Starbucks, and Panera.

VOUCHER program

Vouchers are provided to families and individuals in emergency financial situations and to those who lack the necessary funds to access their basic needs. These items range from household goods to clothing items, furniture, and other items. 

For more information on this program and to see if you qualify reach out to Basic Needs Program Manager at

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We are a Minnesota Waste Wise success story!

Our thrift shop reached out to BizRecycling in 2018 in hopes of finding solutions for waste reduction. The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation helped them expand their recycling efforts in order to better serve their community and protect the environment. 

We submitted an application in February 2019 to fund employee and volunteer training surrounding recycling efforts by working with Waste Wise to create an effective, long-term training program for volunteers. Additional collection containers were requested to collect batteries and defective electronics for recycling through the grant as well. Once approved, we achieved our waste reduction goals and also began recycling scrap metal and books that were no longer usable. Moreover, Basic Needs partnered with Simple Recycling to recycle low quality clothing, shoes, and accessories.

These recycling and waste diversion changes resulted in us reducing our trash volume, cutting our garbage bill by 50%, and saving over $6,000 a year. Additionally, over 180,000 pounds of textiles, shoes, purses, and other items were collected and recycled in their 2019 program year – a 74% increase from 2018!

Our biggest success as an organization in 2019 was our recycling program. The revenue brought in from recycling and the money saved on waste went back into our programs to help people, and stayed in the local community.

Vickie Snyder, Board President
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50% reduction in monthly waste bill

74% increase in combined recycling volume

180,000 pounds of recycling collected in 2019



Free bakery items are now being distributed indoors Tues-Friday from 10-5 PM. 


 We installed our Free Little Pantry on October 31, 2020.

We think our pantry will be a great transition from our meal packs as a way to still provide food to the community. We find that people want to give in ways that are manageable and tangible and this will be a way to help. You can pick up a couple of cans at the grocery store, and put them into a pantry, and feel like you’re doing something. We also think a pantry will break down the barriers between a service provider and client that you see in traditional food shelves. Everyone can walk up to the pantry the same way. Our hope is that some of the shame that people experience from being in need will diminish.

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